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Which Website Is Responsive?

A website is responsive if it caters optimally to the users. By this, we mean the users can easily read its content, navigate it, scroll through it, and there is hardly any need to resize the browser. It is compatible with different categories of browsing devices. How responsive a website is has become the most critical ranking factor for search engines and considerably influences Google's search results. A responsive website is adaptable to virtually all resolutions, screen sizes, and browsing devices. The users of a responsive website can easily digest its content and media as they browse on such machines as a smartphone, desktops, iPhones, laptops, etc.

Testing the Responsiveness of a Website

A user should take the following steps to know how responsive a website is:

  • Enter the page’s complete URL
  • Click GO or press ENTER to check how visible your website is on different categories of devices.
  • A test tool with a wide range of dimensions will assist you in viewing the web page on your chosen screen resolution device. It allows you to view web content on various devices: a tablet, iPad, iPhone, Android Phone, laptop, and desktop.

Is your Website Responsive? Test Now

Do you have a business that you promote online using a simple website? If you answer yes, you have been denying yourself the opportunity to get the most customers possible. Using separate websites for mobile devices and desktops cannot earn you the maximum number of customers, and a lot of money is spent on different websites, unlike a responsive website that requires minimal cost maintenance. Therefore, you must make your website responsive. Furthermore, you must ensure that your website is compatible with all categories of browsers. You can know whether your responsive website is cross-browser compatible or not by using our online testing tool for free. The device used for testing the responsiveness of a web design works by carrying out outsmart and quick reviews of the web pages’ resolution. It is a fantastic tool for determining the responsiveness of websites, as it saves web developers time and reveals to them how the websites they are building will appear on different devices, such as smartphones, iPhones, tablets, laptops, iPads, etc. This tool works perfectly with virtually all browsers to show how the website will appear on devices. This user-friendly tool will enable you to see vividly all the visual components of a responsive website.

What Makes a Responsive Website Better Than a Separate Mobile Website?

As smartphones, tablets, and other smart handheld devices become more popular, so are mobile websites. Google recently revealed that responsive or cross-device websites are the best regarding signal ranking, and these have become a significant factor for ranking by search engines. Responsive websites are preferred to separate mobile websites for the following reasons:

  • Cost of Maintenance

    When the content of a responsive web page is updated, it appears on the responsive site automatically. However, it is very time-consuming and expensive to have the same thing done on desktop and mobile websites. Therefore, it is cheaper to maintain responsive sites than to maintain mobile and desktop designs.

  • Experience

    The flexibility of a responsive website enables it to adjust automatically in line with the orientation and the width of the device screen, unlike a separate mobile site, which is suitable only for screens of smaller sizes.

  • Search and Domain Prevention

    As mobile sites use separate domains, they are not an excellent search method. Unlike mobile websites, responsive websites are gaining wider acceptability because having different mobile, desktop, and tablet designs is unnecessary. Regarding SEO, responsive websites remove complications associated with SEO more quickly than mobile websites.

  • Future

    When there is a need to rework mobile websites, considerable expenses and the cost of maintenance are involved. The best alternative can be found in a responsive design, making life easier for website designers and business owners. A survey conducted by Google Webmaster Team revealed that 81% of people interviewed voted for responsive websites.

  • The

    Mobilegeddon is the name given to the major update by Google that revealed that mobile-friendly websites ranked very high on Google, increasing their traffic and boosting their search results. These days, mobile optimization is no longer an option; it has become a necessity. Without mobile optimization, the hope of high web traffic and optimal search engine ranking will be a mirage. Mobile optimization assists you in sustaining revenues as well as visibility.

    In this current age of Mobilegeddon, responsive websites work perfectly, taking advantage of the fluid grid and flexible media. Irrespective of the size, responsive websites use a layout on devices, making it possible for web users to view content easily on devices, such as desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets, with the users having the same WOW experience on all the devices.

  • Things to Know Regarding
    Our Testing Tool
    for Responsive Design

    Our website responsive test tool for web design is available online for free. The aim is to make testing cost-free and provide a website preview on different screen resolutions and devices. What is required for the test is only the URL of the web page to be tested. The tool, which is pleasantly packed with various dimensions, makes it possible for the user to choose a particular size to see the visual components of the web page.

    • The tool for testing Responsive Web Design is now available Online; take advantage of it.
    • The responsive website test tool can be used for free.
    • The testing tool saves web designers a lot of time.
    • The tool is user-friendly and compatible with all browsers
    • It is loaded with many varied dimensions
    • Everyone is free to use this tool to test web pages/websites
    • Is your Website not responsive? This is an opportunity for you to make it responsive.
    • Our team of web experts at Cheap SEO Solutions is always willing and ready to make your website responsive to make it perform optimally.
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